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Car Buying Made Easy

Buying a vehicle is stressful. Choosing the right car or truck, dealing with salespeople, trying to make your budget work, and being unsure if you’re making the right decision -- it can all lead to a lot of intimidation and frustration.

Our goal is to make it easier!

We Drive is a free car-buying service offered to members of We Florida Financial. You tell us your preferred auto make, model, and year and how much you want to spend. We match you with the right vehicle and provide auto-financing options to simplify the process -- and make it easy for you to find the perfect vehicle at the right price.

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"Danny and Jodi were so helpful and made the car buying process very simple for me. Danny was excellent in finding the exact car I wanted within my price range."
Chelsea M Sunrise
"This was a totally different car buying experience. I felt We Drive was my advocate helping me find the right car for the right price instead of the typical adversarial experience one usually has."
Richard R. Fort Lauderdale
"What a wonderful experience! The staff was great and very helpful!"
Jim H. Boynton Beach

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