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Uber and Lyft are fun, easy, convenient…and dangerous?

Yes! There are some hidden dangers when using ride-share services. Almost everyone I know now has either Lyft, Uber or some type of ride sharing app on their smart phone. It's quick, easy and no cash is needed. What could be wrong with that? After doing some research, and reaching out to our auto insurance partners, I was shocked to find out that as a passenger I may be putting myself at risk if injured while traveling in a ride-share vehicle. Unfortunately many of the drivers are unaware of the...

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The Car We Didn’t Sell

Our best deal yet may very well be the car we didn't sell. Let me go back a bit and explain. I was part of the concept team that created We Drive. Our goal was a cutting-edge, car-buying solution with a great member experience. We wanted to offer new and used vehicles, even motorcycles, with financing and leasing, that was best for the member. In short, the right car for the best deal. As one of the leaders of this team, I've watched each of them take We Drive from an idea to a great, successful...

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Why Use We Drive?

If you're a member of We Florida Financial, you probably realize that credit unions are different from banks. We don't have stockholders, we have members. We don't try to sell you things you don't need just to make money. We talk with you about what you need and want, and let you know how our products can improve your financial life. We were founded in 1952 and are part of the South Florida community. Our management and employees live in the same towns you do. We work hard to earn your trust eve...

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