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Get Rid of the Road Rage. Enjoy Your Car!

Like so many other days, I pulled into work on a recent morning feeling the stress and aggravation of all the traffic in South Florida. It was my main topic of conversation that morning. I was so mad. I could not understand how more than half of the people on the road could be so careless. Besides making me late, these drivers (for lack of a more descriptive word) have caused so many accidents or close calls. Usually they are on their cell phone but it is not limited to that activity. I have seen ladies putting on make-up, people eating their breakfast, reading the newspaper, yelling at children, or just not paying attention. It seems to gets worse everyday. How many times do I have to sit through a green light because the driver in front of me, who is not paying attention, speeds through at the last minute while I get stuck again! Road rage is very real and I get it. The traffic in south Florida is awful, but how can you avoid it? You can't and that is the issue…or so I thought.

That same morning I was talking about my car, and how great my car is, and why I love it. Like many people when I purchased my vehicle I was very excited. I remember the anticipation of driving my new car, setting the radio stations, learning all the options and enjoying the luxurious interior of my shiny new vehicle. It was then I realized that I was not enjoying my vehicle. Of course I blamed the traffic and the drivers on the road but something needed to change. It was then that I decided that I was no longer going to let road rage dictate my day. We all know what stress does. The next day I decided I was going to have to leave for work 15 – 20 minutes earlier to avoid the constant feeling of being late or getting stuck in traffic. After a couple of days, I realized that my mood was better, my disposition had improved and I was a better person. I could not believe that by leaving 15 – 20 minutes earlier could make such a difference. I also realized that with all my previous rushing through traffic that maybe I had been one of those "drivers" on the road.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the traffic in South Florida is awful, but it no longer ruins my day. In addition, I love driving my car again. For most people their car is their second most expensive purchase after their home. Why not treat it with respect? I spend a lot of money on my car and on its maintenance and I intend to enjoy my ride. Road rage causes careless and reckless driving and takes a toll on your vehicle. I have returned to treating my vehicle with the love and respect it deserves. So the next time you see road rage, don't worry it's not me! It's not worth it!

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