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Buying an Extended Warranty at the Time of Purchase

There are so many products dealerships push on customers to buy while financing. I know the feeling of walking into a dealership and feeling completely unaware. This blog is to give members and the general public some helpful tips. Today's tip focuses on extended warranties. Most people when buying new or used ask if the vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty. When answered YES, people assume an extended warranty is not necessary. However it's just the opposite. Buying an extended warranty...

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Are You Receiving Warranty Offers in the Mail? DON’T GET FOOLED!

Every week I receive calls from credit union members about extended warranty offers they receive in the mail. People receive these unsolicited mail offers usually shortly after they buy a car or when they renew their registrations. The companies behind these offers use the state DMV information that is available to the public to create their mailing lists. The mailings feature phrases like "2ND ATTEMPT" and quote laws that apply to mail delivery. It's all an attempt to make you, the car owner, t...

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