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0% Financing Can Cost You Money!

When vehicle sales drop, manufacturers increase their rebates and incentives. Most of their advertising will showcase 0% financing. Did you know that in many cases you'll give up a large rebate or incentive to get 0% financing and the final cost of your vehicle will be more than if you finance with We Florida Financial? I can write more about this, but I'm going to let the numbers do the talking! Dealer 0% Loan WeFF 60 mo @ 2.99% WeFF 78 Mo @ 3.49% MSRP $27,495.00 $27,495.00 $27,495.00Dealer Gap...

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Vehicle Rebates

If you're new to the world of rebates, it's always good to understand how they work before accepting them. First of all, what are rebates? A rebate is the auto manufacturer's way of motivating us to buy. It is a set amount of money (cha-ching!) that is taken off the price of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Dealerships are reimbursed the entirety of the rebate by the manufacturer. Keep this is mind if a dealer ever tries to leverage a deal by saying they are losing money with the rebate, tha...

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Misconception #1…Vehicle Pricing

I've been in the automotive industry for the past 10 years. I started with the Chevrolet family and I've been with We Drive since the beginning, putting the We Drive team together. One of the biggest misconceptions in the car-buying industry is how expensive vehicles really are. The average price for a new car is roughly $35,000. For most of us that is way too expensive. New car pricing is supposed to go up roughly $400. New tariffs on steel and aluminum could add even more to manufacturing cost...

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