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1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

That’s a good definition but the We Drive blog is a lot more than that. It’s your free guide to everything you want to know, or should know, about all things automotive: advice on cars, help on financing, thoughts on car-buying, and the truth about dealerships and pricing. We Drive is your car-buying solution and these blog articles are a great source of honest information. And if you want to chat more about any automotive or financing topic, we’re just a phone call away. So read away… and then give us a call!

Don’t Roll Over

Especially when it comes to financing your next car, truck or SUV. The roll over I'm talking about happens when your trade-in is not worth as much money as you owe on your loan. Here's why what seems like a quick solution may be the start of your financial downfall. In my years working for and with credit unions, I've seen this situation many times. You're looking for a new vehicle and you choose a sweet ride. The dealership checks out your trade-in and then advises you that your trade-in is wor...

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Helpful Tips For Parents With Teenage Drivers

Parents are both excited and fearful when their teenagers begin the process of learning to drive. Having gone through this already with three children I have come up with some tips that might help: If you are giving a vehicle to a child, teach them on the vehicle they will be driving.Do not give them the car you wanted at their age, get them a safe reliable car they can handle.Pay cash for a used vehicle, or see if you can inherit a vehicle from a family member. Odds are it will be scratched, de...

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Shopping for a Vehicle

So many people think you need months to shop for a vehicle when in reality it only takes one day to buy a vehicle. Plus when you go to a dealer and say you're not looking to buy for a month, they are not going to give you their best deal because they look at you as a shopper. Who wants to give out their best deal just to have you find a similar deal next door? When buying a vehicle, it is a "today" business. So do all your research prior to going to the dealership. Figure out what you need the v...

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Is the Vehicle You’re Buying Flood-Damaged?

When floodwaters recede, they often leave behind damaged cars and that's where trouble can begin for car buyers. After the owners, which are sometimes new car dealerships, settle up with their insurance companies, the flood-damaged cars are refurbished, the title is "washed", and the vehicles is then resold to an unsuspecting buyer in another state unaffected by the disaster. Electrical and mechanical problems often occur long after the seller is gone, leaving the next car owner with an unreliab...

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GAP 101: Intro to Guaranteed Asset Protection

Don't worry, this is not a college course that comes with a difficult final exam! This is a quick blog to let you know why Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is important to you and your financial security. GAP will protect your credit and your wallet if your financed vehicle is either stolen or totaled. Most of the time insurance companies will pay the trade-in value of a vehicle when it's time to pay an insurance claim. The problem is when you buy a car, you're not paying the trade-in value. Yo...

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Are All Trucks Bad on Gas?

So you need a truck but you've heard that they're the worst on gas. Well I'm here to let you know trucks can get good gas mileage. If you need a truck for moving equipment or even towing, there are many great options now. A lot of trucks come with a v-6 engine if you don't need it for heavy towing. Some even come with a 4-cylinder engine, which mainly includes your smaller trucks like the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and Toyota Tacoma. These trucks are getting 25 miles per gallon. Don't fret if ...

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