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GAP 101: Intro to Guaranteed Asset Protection

Don't worry, this is not a college course that comes with a difficult final exam! This is a quick blog to let you know why Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is important to you and your financial security. GAP will protect your credit and your wallet if your financed vehicle is either stolen or totaled. Most of the time insurance companies will pay the trade-in value of a vehicle when it's time to pay an insurance claim. The problem is when you buy a car, you're not paying the trade-in value. Yo...

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Are All Trucks Bad on Gas?

So you need a truck but you've heard that they're the worst on gas. Well I'm here to let you know trucks can get good gas mileage. If you need a truck for moving equipment or even towing, there are many great options now. A lot of trucks come with a v-6 engine if you don't need it for heavy towing. Some even come with a 4-cylinder engine, which mainly includes your smaller trucks like the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and Toyota Tacoma. These trucks are getting 25 miles per gallon. Don't fret if ...

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On The Road Again – Road Trip Advice

Have you found yourself traveling alone on a long road trip? I have. I have some great tips that can make it pleasant and not boring. The first thing I do is prepare my car and have it all checked out to make sure I get to my destination safely. In order to make your trip fun, make sure to bring music that makes you feel great to listen to and sing along like karaoke. If you have that someone special or a friend that you like to speak with on the phone, and your vehicle has hands-free Bluetooth,...

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Hang Onto That Old Car

Anyone who knows me will never believe it was my idea to write this post. I drove my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta through many years of hot Florida summers and long past its prime. When I finally broke down to get another car (you guess it – another Jetta), parting was bittersweet. Though that first Jetta was with me through a few major milestones in my life, when I ultimately decided to let it go it was my head that prevailed over my heart. Even if an emotional connection isn't enough to make you want...

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Car Buying: Wants vs. Needs

When buying a vehicle on a budget it is very important to weigh out Wants vs. Needs. Most people want the newest, coolest car but don't consider their needs – budget, maintenance, and daily life outside of driving. Things are not getting any cheaper. So when going to buy a vehicle, especially when you are on a budget, it's important to weigh out Wants vs. Needs. That way the salesman at a dealership doesn't sell you into the newest, most expensive vehicle in the lot, just because you are approve...

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Don’t Let the Cost of Gas Break Your Wallet

In my years of auto lending, I've noticed that people sometimes don't consider the operating expenses of the vehicle they want to purchase. It's not only the miles per gallon that can put your budget out of whack! Many people purchase high performance and luxury vehicles that require the use of 93 octane premium fuel. That type of fuel will cost you about forty cents more per gallon compared to regular fuel! This fuel will increase your monthly operating expenses by more than $30 per month if yo...

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