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Three Money-Saving Driving Tips

For many of us, our cars are the second largest purchase we ever make. The costs, however, don't end with an auto loan. There's gas, insurance, maintenance, and the list goes on! Here are 3 ways you can save thousands of dollars over the life of your car. 1. Don't be a speed demon. Speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration will waste a lot gas. According to research prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, aggressive driving can lower your gas mileage by 33% on highways and by 5% around ...

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Buying an Extended Warranty at the Time of Purchase

There are so many products dealerships push on customers to buy while financing. I know the feeling of walking into a dealership and feeling completely unaware. This blog is to give members and the general public some helpful tips. Today's tip focuses on extended warranties. Most people when buying new or used ask if the vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty. When answered YES, people assume an extended warranty is not necessary. However it's just the opposite. Buying an extended warranty...

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Got GAP?

Owing more than your car is worth is called being "upside down" in your loan and it can be a problem if your car is totaled in a crash, or if your car is stolen and not recovered. Either way, your insurance pays you what the car is worth, not what you owe on the loan. You'll have to pay the balance of the loan out of your pocket, unless you have something called GAP. GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection and it covers the difference between the amount you owe on your car and the actual cash...

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Where’s My Spare Tire?

Imagine this, you are driving in the middle of nowhere and you get a flat tire. You open the trunk and discover that your new car does not have a spare tire. Now what do you do? Today many people are driving around unaware that they do not have a spare tire! No, their spare tires were not stolen. Today, some automakers don't supply them in their vehicles. To lower the weight of their vehicles and to cut production costs, many autos do not come with spare tires and jacks. Instead they come with a...

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The Truth About 0% Financing

Working in a car-buying service, I have to see everything from two perspectives, the customer's and the business'. And occasionally those perspectives are polar opposite. The most common case-in-point that comes to mind is 0% financing. What a potential scam! Too many people are blinded by numbers. I say do that math, zero is not always best! With 0% financing, most often it is an either/or option. And some salesman do not tell you all your options. If you take 0% financing, it's often at the co...

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Vehicle Rebates

If you're new to the world of rebates, it's always good to understand how they work before accepting them. First of all, what are rebates? A rebate is the auto manufacturer's way of motivating us to buy. It is a set amount of money (cha-ching!) that is taken off the price of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Dealerships are reimbursed the entirety of the rebate by the manufacturer. Keep this is mind if a dealer ever tries to leverage a deal by saying they are losing money with the rebate, tha...

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